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Volume II, Issue 5
July 27 - August 3, 1998  

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The 30th Anniversary of the End of the World [2]
Magnum Photography's "1968".
— Blake de Pastino, WEEKLY ALIBI
Double Vision [3]
The Photography of Robert Frank and Nan Goldin.
— Jeffrey Lee, WEEKLY ALIBI

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Teenage Wasteland [4]
In "Cold New World," journalist William Finnegan explores teen angst through real-life examples.
Artist Of The Frontier [5]
In her account of the much-documented artist, historian and novelist John James Audubon, biographer Shirley Streshinsky aims to layer blood and flesh on a man wrapped in romantic mystery.
— Gregory McNamee, TUCSON WEEKLY
The Lonely Crowd [6]
Portuguese poet Fernando Pessoa lived and died in solitude -- but, as a new collection confirms, he contained multitudes.
— Graham Christian, THE BOSTON PHOENIX

Now What? [9]
Love to read? Need some clever ideas? Our library of resources and staff picks are guaranteed to turn on plenty of mental light bulbs via your electrified eye sockets.



hotography and photographers start things off this week. In "The 30th Anniversary of the End of the World," Weekly Alibi's Blake de Pastino reviews the new, gorgeous sounding, "1968: Magnum Throughout the World." De Pastino describes this collection of Magnum photography as a startling time capsule for that turbulent year.

Next up, are two books--each the work of two well known photographers. "Ten Years After" by Nan Goldin present two visits by her to Naples, spaced ten years apart. Robert Frank and his book, "The Americans"--a reissue, show his extrordinary eye at capturing this country in a viewfinder.

Also of note is "Cold New World: Growing Up in a Harder Country " by William Finnegan. Finnegan tells the story of 4 teenagers growing up--or trying to--in the today's America. Finnegan, a New York journalist lived in Los Angeles, New Haven, Washington's Yakima Valley, and San Augustine County, Texas for his research of each of these troubled kids. It looks good.

Mini Reviews
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A Midsummer's Read [7]
Reviews of recent titles and reissues from Ted Mooney, Octavia Butler, Steven Millhauser, Gloria Naylor, Lucy Ellman, and Graham Boynton.
Speed Reader [8]
"Houses in Time" by Linda Harris; "The Unexpected Salami" by Laurie Gwen Shapiro; "Out of Sheer Rage" by Geoff Dyer; "The Exes" by Pagan Kennedy.
— Blake de Pastino, Brendan Doherty, Jessica English, Jennifer L.X. Scharn, WEEKLY ALIBI

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