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Twenty-five years on, 'Jaws' looks menacing in ways we never could have predicted.
Rob Nelson

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Revenge of the Nerd
He has a mohawk hairdo and 16 body piercings, and at 18 years old he's leading a group of Nashvillians into the new century's computer age.
Michael Sims


Volume IV, Issue 6
July 31 - August 7, 2000

News & Opinion

For those who grew up in its frightening, long shadow, the Cold War will go on forever, like a desert highway. The most talked-about drug bust in Texas last year happened in a Panhandle county with more cows than people. The Rio Grande, which winds for more than 400 miles through New Mexico, is relied upon to sustain big cities, an agricultural industry, and now, endangered species. Also, the apartment-hunting blues, taking on an old murder case, and more.

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Film & TV

White movie audiences are most comfortable when black people are clowns on a stage or sainted fools. Blame summer-blockbuster-mania on "Jaws," which hit theaters a quarter-century ago. This year's Emmy-award nominations are out. Also, Charmian Carr is forever Liesl, reviews of "Nutty Professor II" and "Thomas and the Magic Railroad," and more.

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As the third millennium A.D. dawns, the dominant force in pop culture comes "straight out the trailer." Alvin Youngblood Hart's new album is a distillation of everything he has absorbed over the last two decades. Ali Farka Toure's music is another reminder of how the collision of European folk music and the sounds of Africa produced a permanent shift in American popular music. Plus, showing off Memphis music, surviving musical adversity, and more.

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The author of a psychological thriller gets inside his protagonist's mind by trying out a little stalking of his own. House of Leaves is a hallucinatory morphine-drip of a book that hardly resembles anything in the current horror field. Stefan Kanfer's new biography of Groucho Marx is the story of an insecure, self-educated man who yearned for acceptance and love. Also, a troublemaker of a first novel, a celebrity daughter publishes her first fiction, and more.

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Come down from your Staggering Heights and get to the Red Meat of the matter with this swell set of cartoons that also includes K. Rat and Random Shots.

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