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By Devin D. O'Leary

AUGUST 4, 1997:  Let's do a little lunch in Hollywood to start things off this week. I just overheard that the ass-kicking cutie from Hong Kong, Michelle Yeoh, is hitting the big time. Not only is she starring in the new James Bond film (Tomorrow Never Dies) this Christmas, but she's just nabbed her first million-dollar paycheck to star in Confucius Brown. This buddy action comedy was originally set to star Jackie Chan and Wesley Snipes. It will now star Yeoh and Martin Lawrence. Reginald Hudlin (of House Party fame) is set to direct. ... I also heard some nasty gossip about the new Mod Squad movie. Yup, old Aaron Spelling is producing a feature film version of his late '60s teen cop show. Apparently Spelling and the director Stacy Title (who did the little-seen black comedy The Last Supper) had some "creative differences." According to some folks on the scene, Title envisioned something "a little darker" than what Spelling had in mind. Anyhoo, she's out on her ear, and Spelling's searching for a new director. ... Moving on to a little local news, Basement Films will host a special screening of New Mexico women filmmakers featuring the work of Bobby Besold and Linda Klosky. Both women will be present to discuss their films Hands and Bosque del Apache. The screening will take place on Saturday, Aug. 2, 8:30 p.m. at the Harwood Art Center (1114 7th Street NW).

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