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Some of us here at Weekly Wire are what you'd call "news hounds" - we can't get enough information about current issues and events. Fortunately, the Internet has enough news sources to keep our minds soaked, even sloshing, with data. This page provide resources that will help you attain a similar level of saturation. You'll be a news hound in no time. Sit! Sit!

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  • Paperboy! For people who love some sections of the paper but hate others, Paperboy! is just the thing. Why browse over News and Film when you're only interested in Books and Music? Why flip through Tucson and Austin's articles when you only want to read the news from towns in Tennessee? Paperboy! will allow you to streamline your Weekly Wire experience to fit your preferences.

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    Our online BBS is an open forum for you to say anything you like about current events, controversies, or whatever else is stuck in your craw. You need not write about capital punishment, abortion, partisan politics, gun control, police brutality, or other common subjects - you can write about anything, anything, did I say "anything"? Yes, Anything.

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    Here are some News & Opinion -related links we think are worthwhile. Please feel free to email us with favorite links of your own.

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    Many have praised our Vaults for being efficient and easy to use, as you'll discover when you peruse the wealth of content from our back issues.

    Deadly Intentions
    The only thing crazier than Tim McVeigh killing all those innocent people in Oklahoma City is the state killing Tim McVeigh in a coldly rational execution. [06-20-97]
    Jeff Smith

    Short Fiction Contest Winners
    Albuquerque Alibi short fiction contest winners. [07-02-97]

    Letters at 3AM
    Drastic Spaces: Part III. [06-20-97]
    Michael Ventura

    Best Of Guides - If you want to get the full flavor of local politics in a number of cities, check out the Best Of guides from our contributors. Not only do these yearly issues contain information about a town's "Best Chinese Restaurant" or "Best Park," they're also full of telling, boastful, and sometimes just plain vicious details about local politics and celebrities. Examples might include "Best Idiotic Soundbite by a Local Spokesman" or "Best Reason to Vote 'None of the Above' in the Gubernatorial Election." Find out for yourself - especially if the newspaper represents a town you plan to visit.

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