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T he story coming out of Philadelphia during the Republican convention last week was that there was no story. There was. But it would require journalists to focus more on the public's alienation and less on their own.

Speaking of the GOP, Republicans are looking back to find their future, reverting to what they always become during periods devoid of ideological combat -- a party of business.

Meanwhile, illegal immigrants continue to stream across the southern borders of the United States, most in search of better-paying jobs. Few expect to meet death, but it's a constant feature of the trek north.

Also, domestic partner benefits are becoming more common, actors help out with police training, and more.

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Letters at 3AM [7]
Hot news about global warming.
— Michael Ventura, AUSTIN CHRONICLE
Empty Promises [8]
No matter how many promises a manufacturer might make, there is no such thing as a guarantee.
— Walter Jowers, NASHVILLE SCENE
Muscle Buffin' [9]
Honda Civic Si and Volkswagen Golf GLS 1.8T sedan.
— Marc K. Stengel, NASHVILLE SCENE

Teeny Tidbits
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Mr. Smarty Pants [10]
Holy shrinking pyramids, Batman!
— Mr. Smarty Pants, AUSTIN CHRONICLE

Volume IV, Issue 7
August 7 - August 14, 2000  

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No News is Bad News [2]
The media whine about the no-news convention and miss the real story: The public's profound alienation from politics.
Free To Be The GOP [3]
Despite the right-wing butt-kissing, the Bush-Cheney ticket marks the party's return to its roots: Big money and big business.
The Death of Silverio Huinil Vail [4]
A Guatemalan's demise in the desert raises questions about U.S. border policy.
— Margaret Regan, TUCSON WEEKLY
Domestic Bliss [5]
As gays and lesbians gain acceptance in society, more and more companies are offering health care benefits to their employees' domestic partners.
— Jonathan David Carroll, AUSTIN CHRONICLE
Crisis in 'Cruces [6]
Albuquerque actors teach old cops new tricks.

Now What? [11]
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