Volume II, Issue 7
August 10 - August 17, 1998

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News & Opinion
Lewinsky's talking. The FBI is testing. Our President is sweating. Two articles this week look at this summer's runaway (political/legal/media) Blockbuster!! While the Congress has been stopped in the past in budget cutbacks to enviornmental issues, they're using a new sneaky tactic with "riders" to larger bills. The Chicago Defender is this country's last black daily paper and it is hanging by a financial thread with circulation down and lacking in strong editorial leadership. [11 articles]

Film & TV
John Waters talks about his new comedy, "Pecker," and you go on the set. Adrian Lyne's "Lolita" is finally out of distribution limbo and on Showtime. Was the controversy surrounding this film warranted? Brian De Palma's new thriller, "Snake Eyes," has opened. Check reviews and then read an interview with De Palma discussing the new Nicholas Cage/Gary Sinise feature. We have reviews of "Halloween H20, Comedy Central's "The Daily Show," and more. [23 articles]

The Beasty Boys make a killer comeback after a four year hiatus with "Hello Nasty." Nashville Scene's Ben Taylor profiles these pop monsters. Speaking of nasty, Liz Phair returns with her post-marriage/post-childbirth release, "whitechocolatespaceegg" and Boston Phoenix's Matt Ashare says she's grown-up...kind of. Monica and Brandy are the new Teen Queens of R&B. They're everywhere and the "battle" between them rages on! Delmark has reissued four searing blues albums on CD including the debut of Junior Wells. There's some good stuff here. [16 articles]

Arts & Leisure
A good mix this week. Holograms have come a long way from "spooky" gag trinkets and bank cards. Austin's Zebra Imaging is banking on new incredible applications...and they're building them. Bruce Shulman of the Boston Phoenix clues us in on what it takes to be a professional card player in "Diary of a Card Shark." Are Beanie Babies going to take over the world? Read this and find out more!! There's a healthy dollop of performance reviews and a some cool mixology book reviews too. [13 articles]

Due to fragmented media and the slow death of the literary magazine, people don't have a focus on important issues as they once did. So says Random House VP, Peter Gethers and he's taking a chance with a line of short, low-priced books--the Library of Contemporary Thought. Written by such authors as Pete Hamill, Carl Hiassen, and John Feinstein, these books (Gethers hopes) will get America talking again. Don't miss the review of Christopher Dickey's memoir of his father, poet James Dickey, in "Summer of Deliverance." [11 articles]

Come down from your Staggering Heights and get to the Red Meat of the matter with this swell set of cartoons that also includes Eye of the Beholder, K. Rat and Random Shots. [5 comics]

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