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Volume I, Issue 10
August 11 - August 18, 1997

In speaking of art, we often refer solely to the traditional forms: visual arts, performance, etcetera. But isn't it time we liberated ourselves? John Cage argued that we should hear music in everything: in the silences, the ambient sounds of cars and chatter in the streets, the clunk of a piano slamming shut. Why should other arts be any different?

For this week's Arts & Leisure section, I've thoughtfully included a number of pieces that challenge the dominant categories within which we neatly pigeonhole "art."

In this contemplation of the Waffle House, for example, the author discovers that the nationwise breakfast joint contains qualities as mystical as any respected work of architecture. Why, I myself visited the Waffle House the other day and was impressed by the razzle-dazzle antics of the cook, who danced a jig when I played a quaint jukebox selection (see sidebar). He then wittily threatened to squirt me with the hose he was using to blast grime off of the floor if I selected any more such tunes. Why shouldn't his dance be considered art? Or his threat?

And isn't it time we dispensed with the bourgeois notion that only on a regular canvas, in an acclaimed gallery, deserves our attention? Why shouldn't art be inked upon the very bodies within which we live, or sprayed on the outsides of buildings where we work? This review explores those questions further. Another exhibit, commemorating the beauty of Harley-Davidson motorcycles, demonstrates that art can be a matter of not only representation but lifestyle. Imagine that!

Speaking of lifestyle, I've smartly integrated this quintessential guide to overcoming hangovers. This will prove exceedingly useful for those of you who are actually taking me seriously, since I imagine you must be quite blitzed.

According to my editor, I'm to say "brand-new Cadillac." Having done so, I now bid you farewell.

News In The Art World
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Night Spot
The undeniable allure of the Waffle House, where you can count on hashbrowns, friendly waitresses, and some mighty fine jukebox selections. [2]
Jim Ridley; photographs by Susan Adcock

Cover Sidebar
10 All-Time Waffle House Jukebox Classics. [3]

Nurse Ratchett
Medical advice they never taught ya in health class. [4]
Mike Ratchett, Staff Nurse

White Linen and Black Leather
WHAT: Motorcycle art; WHERE: Contemporary Arts Center, 900 Camp St., 523-1216; WHEN: Through Aug. 24. [5]
D. Eric Bookhardt

Alibi Gallery
Harwood Gallery's Paint on the Walls--Ink on the Skin, Daida Mundo Caberet's "Family Values" and the Gallup Inter-Tribal Ceremonial. [6]
Blake de Pastino

Politics Against Art
Right-wing attacks on the "trendy mediocrity" of the NEA are nothing new 3 should the space program be next? [7]
Katha Pollitt

Mr. Big Shot
`I think that Louisiana trusts its politicians less than anyone else in the country, and we continue to elect people that prove us right.'-- James Fitzmorris. [8]
Kevin Forest Moreau

World Wide Travel on the World Wide Web
A guide to the best travel site on the Internet. [9]
Devin D. O'Leary

A Patron Though Poor
Clint Boelsche isn't your typically well-heeled art collector. [10]
Rebecca S. Cohen

Love Me Tender
Elvis' teenage home, Lauderdale Courts, is on the auction block. [11]
John Griffin

The Big Show
Some realizations following Memphis' first NFL game. [12]
Dennis Freeland

Now What?
A gallery of captivating links to keep your imagination churning while the paint dries. [13]

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Talk Back
Tell us your favorite medium, and we don't mean that in the Shirley MacLaine sense of the word.

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