Volume I, Issue 10
August 11 - August 18, 1997

Weekly Wire Xtra Amazingly, we made it to issue ten of Weekly Wire. During our celebration, we managed to whip up a quick Xtra page commemorating the big ten-oh. There you'll find links to 10 of our staff's favorite articles from past issues. Unfortunately, the party got a little out of hand and art director Amy Burnham prankishly defaced all our photographs.

What's New
Our Paperboy! feature has been fully integrated into Weekly Wire. Here's how it works: In each section you'll see check boxes next to the articles in the table of contents. Just choose what you like, push a button, and thud! -- you've got a custom newspaper.

Film Vault
Hundreds of film reviews and thousands of links! Sort alphabetically or by publication, genre, director, or date. Check it out!

Red Meat
The most tasteless and twisted comic strip in the world. Featuring the Red Meat Archive, Reader Favorite Archive, and the Meat Conference Forum!

Talk Back
Got the newsgroup blues? Get away from the spammers, scammers, and rapid scrolling of Usenet groups and try our cozy, easy-to-use BBS instead. Start a debate, voice a concern, review a film, create a persona, tell a joke, pick a fight, tell a story, do what you like.

Additional Vaults
Besides the Film Vault, we carry multitudinous archives that include various cities' Best Of editions, local music registers, album reviews, book reviews, and plenty more.

Info Booth
This is your one-stop shop for communicating with Weekly Wire. From here you can email the staff, check our latest press releases, read our FAQ, and find general information about Weekly Wire and its content partners.

Weekly Wire... alternative abundance in a pithy package

News & Opinion
On the 20th anniversary of his death, Elvis is still seen everywhere, and this news section is no exception. Other articles include a shattering account of the 1950s nuclear testing that ruined the lives of countless guinea-pig soldiers; an exposé of the conspiracy buffs inhabiting much of New Mexico; and a look at an Austin TV reporter whose belligerent personality is the stuff of local legends. [16 articles]

Film & TV
A dialogue with Anne Francis finds the Forbidden Planet actress in a down-to-earth mood, but an interview with director Miguel Arteta catches him flying high thanks to the success of his debut film, Star Maps. Plus: a surfeit of reviews for foreign-film buffs, including The Pillow Book, Mrs. Brown, Shall We Dance? and When the Cat's Away. And: Why are Renee Zellweger and Matthew McConaughy so angry they could chop off an arm? [15 articles]

Musicians continue to stretch themselves like heated taffy. The New Rhythm & Blues Quartet have dropped their punk pose to make music for kiddies, while Headshake try a '90s take on creative stage personas (a là KISS or the Village People). Roy Hargrove extends his jazz into Latin territories with a new album, and 311 transform intense funk-jazz into huge sales. Plus: what keeps songwriters lining up at Nashville's famous Bluebird Café? [16 articles]

Arts & Leisure
Something's cooking at the Waffle House, and it's not just greasy waffles. A writer contemplates the mystical qualities of the national breakfast joint -- and its campily self-promoting jukebox selections. Also: Are Harley-Davidson motorcycles art? How about tattoos and graffiti? More important, where are the best Web sites to plan a vacation, and what should you do if you get a hangover while you're on it? [11 articles]

We're not sure which authors are crazier: the people who penned these nutty conspiracy theory books, or the recipients of this year's sci-fi Hugo Awards. Meanwhile Hunter S. Thompson makes his own bid for insanity with his new collection of correspondences, The Proud Highway. Plus: reviews of recent works by Mary Gaitskill, Richard S. Wheeler, Larry Goodell, and a trunkload of books about the King. [8 articles]

Why nibble on Peanuts when you can gorge on Red Meat? [7 comics]

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