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Volume II, Issue 8
August 17 - August 24, 1998  

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Battling the Birds and the Bees [2]
An Interview with the author of "The Curiosity Book".
— Jessica English, WEEKLY ALIBI

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Where Words Collide [6]
Like some glittering sci-fi dream come true, Planet Earth is fast developing one infinite, ever-open library, thanks to the World Wide Web.
— Gregory McNamee, TUCSON WEEKLY
All His Children? [7]
The New Cambridge Shakespeare has just brought two of the Bard's bastard children out of hiding.
Avenging Evil [8]
Analyzing "The Avengers".
— David Marc Fischer, NEWCITY CHICAGO
A Whirl With Pearl [9]
Jane Candia Coleman offers a female perspective on the Old West and Arizona history with her slightly fictionalized account of outlaw Pearl Hart.
— Emil Franzi, TUCSON WEEKLY
The Stone Diaries [10]
John McPhee's "Annals of the Former World" covers the planet.
— Sabine Hrechdakian, THE BOSTON PHOENIX

Mini Reviews
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Speed Reader [11]
"The Notebooks of Don Rigoberto" by Mario Vargas Llosa; "The Pianist Who Liked Ayn Rand" by Gene H. Bell-Villada; "Traces" by Ida Fink; "The Fall of the Sparrow" by Robert Hellenga.
— Stephen Ausherman, Mary Golightly, Jennifer L.X. Scharn, Jessica English, WEEKLY ALIBI



ou've got 3 minutes to perform a poem in front of a packed house of poets who react (read: shout, applaud, scream, laugh, heckle) loudly. This isn't your snoozy poetry reading. It's a poetry "slam." The National Poetry Slam is being held in Austin this year, August 19-22 and we've got a mini-section devoted to it. It looks wild.

Weekly Alibi's Jessica English interviews James E. Hunter, author of "The Curiousity Book." Haven't heard of the book. Hmmmm, well, it seems "The Curiousity Book" is a book dealing with body image and sexuality in children and is written for both kids and their parents. Hunter's book has basically been driven from retail shelves. Read about the controversy here.

In "When Words Collide," Tucson Weekly's Gregory McNamee reviews "Hypertext 2.0: The Convergence of Contemporary Critical Theory and Technology" by George Landow. Landow, a Brown University literature professor and information theorist has been involved with and studying the World Wide Web from nearly the beginning and his views are fascinating.

Poetry Slam
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Introduction: Smells Like Team Spirit [3]
What will happen when hundreds of poets descend upon Austin in the middle of August?
— Spike Gillespie, AUSTIN CHRONICLE
Gin and Condoms Everywhere [4]
The memoirs of veteran Slammer and Spanker Wammo.
Handicapper's Guide [5]
Picking out the favorites of the more than 40 teams going head to head to head in this year's Nationals.
— Michael Bertin, AUSTIN CHRONICLE

Now What? [12]
Love to read? Need some clever ideas? Our library of resources and staff picks are guaranteed to turn on plenty of mental light bulbs via your electrified eye sockets.

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