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Volume I, Issue 11
August 18 - August 25, 1997

People have fond memories of the strangest things. Who woulda thunk Alaska, for example, could be someone's idea of paradise? To be honest, I'd forgotten the place existed. Then I read this article. Turns out the 49th state is a surreal Shangri-La where daylight lasts 20 hours, the sun sets at a hallucinatory 45 degrees, and unobstructed views of the curved horizon provide a constant reminder that you're on a planet, bub. I like the sound of that.

Stranger still is this eulogy to the recently-bulldozed charms of Woolworth's, a chain that for over a hundred years introduced children to the joys of barstools and ice cream floats. I understand the sense of loss the author feels; what I don't get is his teary-eyed longing for the local Woolworth's specialty, Frito Pie. How good could Fritos, beans and jalapeños really be? And couldn't he whip up a home version? We're talking Fritos here.

But I'd be up for a Fritos pie sometime; I'm no snob. Let's move to Alaska and eat Fritos Pies every day while looking at sunsets drunk. The drinks would have to be special concoctions of course, preferably with a Hawaiian motif -- for thematic purposes, you know. Hmm, this could be the beginning of a beautiful fond memory.

Oddly enough, the rest of this Arts section is devoted to arts. One story finds feminazis reworking Shakespeare's sexist The Taming of the Shrew; another questions the Bard's relevance altogether. And the other articles? From mid-century photojournalism to comic-style paintings, from beaded folk designs to old-fashioned musicals, the artistic lesson here is that fond memories are wherever you find them.

News In The Art World
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Out In the Great Wide Open
Desolate, beautiful, bizarre, and inspiring, life is always interesting in Alaska, the last frontier. [2]
Paul Gerald

Love at the Five and Dime
Lamenting the loss of Woolworth's on the Santa Fe Plaza. [3]
Steven J. Westman

Don't Drink and Surf
An inebriate's guide to the Internet. [4]
Devin D. O'Leary

Ripping the Shrew
Austin's Rude Mechanicals troupe delves into the issue of sexism in Shakespeare. [5]
Adrienne Martini

Guilty Pleasure
Bard Copy -- the Utah Shakespearean Festival does the playwright right during its 36th year. [6]
Soctt C. Morgan

All Those Trombones
Coverage of New Orleans' local theatre scene. [7]
Dalt Wonk

Fetishes, Feathers and Mojos
WHAT: Cara Moczygemba, Tootie Montana, WHERE: D.O.C.S. and NOMA, WHEN: Through August. [8]
D. Eric Bookhardt

Star Spangled
Photo exhibit at 516 goes from war to home front. [9]
Jeffrey Lee

Someday Comics
Colin McClain's cartoonish paintings drip with youthful promise. [10]
Cory Dugan

Now What?
A gallery of captivating links to keep your imagination churning while the paint dries. [11]

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Talk Back
Tell us your favorite medium, and we don't mean that in the Shirley MacLaine sense of the word.

From The Vaults

Reviews of Water at Hyde Park Theatre, The Duchess of Malfi and episode two of Flaming Failure: The Silent War atThe Public Domain, and The Yoemen of the Guard at the State Theatre. [07-02-97]

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