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The Beat Hotel

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Barry Miles's "The Beat Hotel," a chronicle of Ginsberg, Orlovsky, Corso and Burroughs in Paris, breaks no new ground, but American readers are a bottomless pit when is comes to Beats.
William Corbett

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Five Steps to a Sluttier You
Online smut shopping: a fashion emergency of the sexy kind.
Stephen MacMillan Moser


Volume IV, Issue 9
August 21 - August 28, 2000

News & Opinion

After seven years of waiting for a trial to answer key questions relating to the Branch Davidian clash, the disappearance of the jury at the end of the civil case added another measure of ambiguity to the controversy. Democrats may not have wanted to party with Hugh Hefner at the Playboy mansion in Los Angeles, but the media types covering the convention sure did. The biggest obstacle keeping Barbie from sashaying into the Oval Office is her reputation for seeming... uh, plastic. Also, Judge Joe Brown eyes higher office from his TV bench, tribes are split by the U.S.-Mexico border, and more.

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Film & TV

ir Alec Guinness made himself at home in movies in a way that the others of his generation, perhaps, never sought to do. After her work on "Fight Club," Katherine Jones founded Milkshake Media, a company whose projects included "The Cell." The Original Kings of Comedy, in true Spike Lee fashion, thrusts this comedy showcase into the spotlight of the media eye. Also, John Waters' latest attempt to rally crowds against cinema's mass distribution of mediocrity, Richard Gere and Winona Ryder do the May-December thing in New York, and more.

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The most popular Rock en Español bands provide decent rock for Spanish speakers but have nothing special to offer Anglos. This should apply in reverse, too. There have been some cosmetic changes and some cosmic changes for Tish Hinojosa in the four years since her last album was released. Billy Bragg and Wilco have just released a second set of Woody Guthrie songs that had never been heard before, the second volume from "Mermaid Avenue." Plus, Vallejo, Nothingface, Eminem, and more.

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Arts & Leisure

Win, Lose or Draw
Life Goes On
Traditional Drinks of Mexico
Truck Drivin' Man
and more...

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Jack Fuller's sixth novel is a sort of musical-literary love affair, a riff on the short, intense life of a jazz musician. "In the Name of God" is about religious and political tyranny and human nature's role in it. A pair of reviews take on "The Beat Hotel," an account of the Paris hotel where several writers of the Beat Generation lived.

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Come down from your Staggering Heights and get to the Red Meat of the matter with this swell set of cartoons that also includes K. Rat and Random Shots.

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