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Volume I, Issue 12
August 25 - September 2, 1997

For as long as I can remember, people have been at odds over the issue of child discipline. Some insist that spanking is perfectly reasonable, providing kids with direct consequences for their beastly behavior. Yet there's a growing camp of parents and psychologists who claim physical punishment constitutes violence and sets a hypocritical example that leads to abusive behavior later in life.

These people usually recommend a "time out" system by which a child who does wrong is sent to his room and denied all love and stimulation. It's a calculated silent-treatment, an openly aggressive form of passive-aggression. It seems to work, though parents who administer it poorly tend to find their children gleefully smashing vases so they can disappear to their rooms and play Nintendo.

The feature article in this week's Arts & Leisure section offers an alternative solution. Rather than smack your kid or lock him up, why not pre-emptively instill him with a traumatic fear of day-to-day life? Tell him watermelon seeds often sprout inside bad boys' intestines, Coke and aspirin will give you brain cancer, too much TV makes you blind, and Catholic nuns like to abduct unsuspecting children. No need for tales about hell's damnation -- the surreal impending horrors of the natural world ought to get the job done.

The author is only half-joking: apparently his parents used just such a technique, and apparently it worked. I'm convinced, anyway. Now if you'll excuse me, I have to run to the doctor, I think I've got ringworm from petting a cat.

News In The Art World
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Seeds of Destruction
A remembrance of melons past. [2]
John Bridges

Making a Strong Impression
Playhouse on the Square's production of "Patsy Cline" really pops. [3]
Hadley Hury

Shutter To Think
Photojournalism is the focus of "Eyewitness 1997." [4]
Susan Ellis

Conscious Hybrids
Two local artists grapple with their influences . [5]
David Ribar

Making Their Marks
The art of drawing isn't dead yet. [6]
Margaret Regan

Collecting as Affliction
For Philip Dempsey, art collecting is a disease, and he's not seeking a cure. [7]
Rebecca S. Cohen

Now What?
A gallery of captivating links to keep your imagination churning while the paint dries. [8]

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Talk Back
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From The Vaults

Art's New Address
Uptown has developed as Austin's newest arts district. [07-08-97]
Rebecca S. Cohen

Real Illusions
Bruce Matthews, a local artist whose stylistic hybrid toys with the conventions of abstraction. [06-13-97]
David Ribar

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