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Father Circus
Skulls crushed by tigers. Trainers trampled by elephants. Midgets hugging your knees in search of comfort. Try to juggle that workload on a Monday morning. It's all just a day in the life of a circus chaplain.
Ellen Barry

The Reviews Are In
We've got not one, not two, not three, but seven(!) reviews of "The Avengers" this week. Find out what the survey says, along with an article about the 60's series now out on video, in this week's Film & TV section.

The Unbinding of Rockefeller
Author Ron Chernow recently completed a biography of John D. Rockefeller, Sr. exploring the personal life of the business tycoon and philanthroper in a more personal and insightful manner than previous attempts.
James Jay


Volume II, Issue 10
August 31 - September 8, 1998

News & Opinion

Terrorist attacks may come from anywhere, but what makes a target attractive? Oil Baron W.A. "Tex" Moncrief might want to make the argument that the IRS is a group of terrorists. Objectors of conscience may hold the opinion that the U.S. is lending its own weight to training terrorists at the Pentagon's School of the Americas. And more...

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Film & TV

Wesley Snipes is back on the big screen in "Blade." Wear your leather over to our special Bloody Good section. Also in the spotlight are "Your Friends and Neighbors" with reviews from FW Weekly and The Boston Phoenix, and "The Slums of Beverly Hills" from director Tamara Jenkins. The Boston Phoenix gives us a review, while Newcity provides an interview with the director. Plus more reviews...

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Releasing their compilation "Swing This, Baby," Tucson, Arizona's Slimstyle Records is poised to give swing an identity much as Sub Pop did for grunge. Has Garth Brooks spoiled the Capitol Records country music pot? It's starting to look that way. Reviews, profiles, and more in the Music section.

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Arts & Leisure

Jim Murray, Legendary Sportswriter
The Color of My Parachute
Girls With Attitude: The WNBA
Art Fights the Power
and more...

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This week's fiction takes a look at Tony Hillerman's latest, "The First Eagle ," Rick Moody's "Purple America," Geoff Ryman's "253," and Peter Craig's "The Martini Shot." Non-fiction offerings begin with "The Spiritual Tourist: A Personal Odyssey Through The Outer Reaches Of Belief," by Mick Brown, an anthology on photographer Francesca Woodman, and a pair of books involving Mary Butts. Mini reviews and more in the Books section.

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Come down from your Staggering Heights and get to the Red Meat of the matter with this swell set of cartoons that also includes Mueller, Eye of the Beholder, K. Rat and Random Shots.

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