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Little Substance, Less Taste
She's So Lovely tries to be offbeat, but is just off. Paperback Romance doesn't even try very much. [7]
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Under the Influence
She's So Lovely is rambling Cassavetes; Excess Baggage is Toro-iffic. [8]
Noel Murray, Donna Bowman, and Jim Ridley

Movie Guru
Zak Weisfeld dumps his Excess Baggage and ponders the sad fate of Alicia Silverstone. [9]
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Excess Baggage
Alicia Silverstone produces as well as stars in this new romantic comedy. [10]
Devin D. O'Leary

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Volume I, Issue 14
September 8 - September 15, 1997

I t's a really slow time of year for movies. The last several I've attended, Mimic, Event Horizon, G.I. Jane, and Cop Land, have been disappointments. It's as if the studios are cleaning house, getting rid of their excess baggage--or should I say Excess Baggage--before autumn arrives.

Fortunately, this Fall Movie Preview is helping me keep my eyes on the future. No matter how bad Hollywood's output seems to be, I'm always suckered in by the promise of cinematic spectacles to come. "Another flick about a super-smart serial killer?," I'll think to myself. "Hmm, maybe it will be the exception to the rule... You never know." I'm such a fool.

But let's get back to the subject of Excess Baggage. What is it about this movie that has critics so divided? I saw the film the other day, and here's my theory: Excess Baggage is a "blank slate" movie that's neither awful nor enjoyable enough to leave you 100% sure of your own opinion. A lot of it depends, I suspect, on your level of sleepiness upon entering the theater, your susceptibility to the foggy beauty of the rural Pacific Northwest setting, and your reaction to Alicia Silverstone's girlish pout and Benicio Del Toro's tired-eyed Brando impersonation. Here's what four critics had to say:

If you think that's a bundle of contradiction, just wait till you read the reviews of She's So Lovely, the Nick Cassavetes-directed, Sean Penn-produced character study. Read on:

The best way to get a real feel for these movies is to read all the reviews. Strangely enough, even though three-fourths of the She's So Lovely reviews tend towards the negative, it comes off sounding infinitely more interesting than Excess Baggage.

Our other reviews provide insights on the following flicks:

And then there's the reviews of video releases...

And for you TV-minded folk, don't forget to check out these stories about Emmy Award predictions, the unlikely triumph of Jerry Lewis, and the season premieres of The Simpsons and King of the Hill. Like I said, no matter what you think of the current state of entertainment, there's always something to look forward to.

Talk Back
If you're one of the few who didn't think Volcano blew, The Lost World bit, or The Fifth Element was one element too many, here's the forum to defend your opinion--crazy though it may be.

From The Vaults

The Film Vault Curious about a particular director's work? Not sure what to rent at the video store? Enjoy reading several contrasting opinions of the same film? This is the place for you. Hundreds of reviews lie at your fingertips, sortable by genre, date or director.

Movie Guru
Zak Weisfeld hops aboard Air Force One. [08-04-97]
Zak Weisfeld

From Nowhere to Here
A conversation with Nowhere's James Duval. [09-02-97]
Marc Savlov

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