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Volume I, Issue 14
September 8 - September 15, 1997


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The Way to a Fan's Heart
Celebrity isn't just for rock stars. [2]
Bernadette Noll

Fighting Words
That jagged noise you hear is the Geraldine Fibbers. [3]
Bill Friskics-Warren

Catching On
In just two short years, No Depression magazine has become the bible of the alternative country genre, whatever that is. [4]
Michael Bertin

No Expectations
With Ryan Adams' move to Austin, Whiskeytown is now something of a local band. [5]
Andy Langer

Kick-Ass Kelts
Tempe's Keltic Cowboys are one amazing band. And anyone who disagrees can kiss this dude's Irish ass. [6]
Dave McElfresh

Career Demands
Why Deana Carter could use some strawberry wine. [7]
Beverly Keel

In Her Own Words
Amy Grant's a busy little Christian. [8]
Michael McCall

Keeping the Faith
Contemporary gospel artists preach to a hip-hop beat. [9]
Kiva Taylor

Turn Up That Noise!
An eclectic survey of recent recordings. [10]
Stephen Grimstead

Lord knows there are enough compilation albums out there. But every so often, a good one comes along. [11]
Lisa Weeks

Rhythm & Views
El Caminos, Cagnee and Lacee, DJ Soul Slinger. [12]

Live Shots
Performance reviews of Cheap Trick, Morningwood, 1001 Nights, and more. [13]

Now What?
If you go gaga over the sultry smoothness of a symphonic glissando, just wait till you experience our transitions to cool and useful music links on the Web. [14]

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W hoa, I drank too much tquila. I'm seriously buzzing....I am going to try to get this out but please undesrtand I'm hammered here... I'll tell you about this week's stories. Okay. There's this one about a woman who laughed at her pretentious friend who thought he was famous, but he was full of it... That was a good one. And then there's this piece about the Geraldine Fibbers who are relaly cool, they aren't like those wusses at the Lilith Fair, these women don't take any shit, okay? Whoa, relax Zamfir, relax....if I sit still the room will stop spinning. i wish somebody would turn off that damn bossa nova music. Okay time to move on, we also got a story on Whiskeytown, which is where I feel like I am right now. Didn't we have a story about them last week? Can't reember. But here's the story. Speaking of cowboys with their "y'all-ternative" music, read here for more information about No Depression magazine, where they talk about that kind of music. That country alternative stuf.f And if you like the country style but also Irish, like the Pogues, you might like the Keltic Cowboys. Click HERE for a story about them. Ow.

Damn, this isn't working. I need water or Pepto. I think I'm gong to barf. Better hurry... oh yeah, there are a few stories about Christians in this week's issue. Remember Amy Grant? I always thought she was little miss prissy Christian, but after I read this I thought she was kinda cool. She seems sad though. Another article talks about a new kind of Gospel music where they use a hip-hop beat. I wonder are there any Christian rappers yet? Wouldn't be surprised. Okay now for my favorite part, if I can get through this without spilling it...here's some good reviews of good bands I like. This one talks about Negativland, who once did a song full of Kasey Casem saying the f-word (for real). it was Excellent!. It also reviews Tan Dun, a Chinese classical guy who is probably cool. I can't list all these reviews but I will tell you that this article has reviews of El Caminos, techno dude DJ Soul Slinger, and some band named Cagnee and Lacee and that's real cute, huh? Ugh....I'm gonna puke, better hurry.... Another review talks about a compilation of local bands around Tucson and San Diego and.....another one tells about concerts with Cheap trick and some other band.s....gotta go!!

Talk Back
If anything in this section offends, annoys or perturbs your senses, here's your place to scream like an angry punk rocker.

From The Vaults

Girth In the Balance
With only one year's experience under their belt, Girth is set to release their debut CD [07-28-97]
Bill Frost

Austin Chronicle Music Feature
Supersuckers with The Drags and Jal Lure. [07-08-97]
Michael Henningsen

Review: Eclipse
Glorium's Eclipse, reviewed by Greg Beets. [07-14-97]
Greg Beets

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