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Austin Chronicle Sidebar: Quotes From LoneStarCon2

SEPTEMBER 22, 1997: 

On Mojo Press editor Rick Klaw:

"This gentleman is known the length and breadth of the comics world as `that bastard Klaw.'" -- Michael Moorcock

After relating an anecdote about helping a blind man mow a yard with a weedeater:

"The world is goofier than you imagine." -- Joe Lansdale

On Joe Lansdale:

"Joe Lansdale is the only person I know who's been held up on the Rush Limbaugh show as an an example of what's wrong with America." -- Bill Crider

On the statistic published in National Geographic that Austin has the most writers per capita of any city in the world:

"I want to see these guys ear-tagged and branded before I believe there are that many on the hoof." -- Bruce Sterling

On why Austinites identify with bats:

"They're small, they're kind of ugly, they're covered with hair, they live under a bridge, they sleep most of the day, they come out at night, they have these big parasites living off them... but they can fly." -- Bruce Sterling

On life:

"I was sitting around with a bunch of friends describing near-death experiences, and I said that I think of life as a near-death experience. I don't know how many of you go grocery shopping, but it's pretty ghastly out in Oak Hill." -- William Browning Spencer

On writers:

"It's not that we are pompous jerks. We are insecure. We feel like we're fading away in this vast sea of scriveners." -- Wlliam Browning Spencer

In discussing restrictive religions:

"I'm Jewish. I'm from the poster child of restrictive religions." -- Janice Gelb

On science and religion:

"I no longer feel that science and religion are in conflict any more than science and music are in conflict. I don't feel there is one true religion any more than I feel there is one true music." -- Mary Doria Russell

On the new animated series South Park:

"That show looks like an evil Colorforms set." -- Mark Schirmeister

Dialogue from "The State of Gaming Industry" panel:

David Harris of Wizards of the Coast: "Magic the Gatherings Portal is the 'girlfriend set.'"

Warren Spector: "Which only proves that Magic the Gathering players have girlfriends!"

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