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Hold on a minute while we change reels... Wait a minute, you mean it's over? Where's the climax? Where's the thematic resolution? Where's the denouement? We're sorry, but the studios hated the rushes and pulled the plug on our budget. You can, however, continue reading about film-related topics by following many of the links provided on this page.

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Film Vaults Curious about a particular director's work? Not sure what to rent at the video store? Enjoy reading several contrasting opinions of the same film? This is the place for you. Hundreds of reviews lie at your fingertips, sortable by genre, date or director.

Film Times

Talk Back
Don't be a silent couch potato, let's hear what you think about all the movies, TV and other media in which you've been so gluttonously indulging. (That last part is not an insult - we do it too.) Whether you want to recommend a little-known video, weigh in on the latest "event movie," or argue the merits of auteur theory, our BBS forum welcomes you with open tripod arms.

Staff Choices
We couch potatoes have been surfing (not an easy task on a couch) the web to come up with this list of excellent film-related Internet links.

  • (AB)

  • (WG)

  • (DF)

We're very proud of our Film Vault, which not only contains hundreds, going on thousands, of film reviews - it also allows for cross-referencing by director, genre, publication or date, and it provides links to related films at the bottom of each review. Film lovers have been known to spend hours browsing their way from succinct review to succinct review in the Film Vault. Some never come out. Ooh, scary.

Movie Guru
Zak Weisfeld escapes Gotham City with only his wits and scads of Batman and Robin action figures.
Zak Weisfeld

Kiss Me Guido
This new gay comedy has a thing or two to learn about stereotypes.
Devin D. O'Leary

Little substance, Less Taste
She's So Lovely tries to be offbeat, but is just off. Paperback Romance doesn't every try very much.
Hadley Hury

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