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Volume I, Issue 17
September 29 - October 6, 1997

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Writing Burque
Albuquerque writers talk about themselves, their craft and the soul of the city. [2]
Jake Page, Traci Paris, Luci Tapahonso, and Levi Romero

Chain Link
Original fiction by Albuquerque writer Lisa Gill. [3]
Lisa Gill

Haiku You
All the Haikus that's fit to print. [4]
Alibi Readers

Mississippi's Man of Letters
This weekend, the world marks the 100th birthday of William Faulkner with celebration and appreciation. [5]
James Busbee

Battle of the Bookstores
Barnes & Noble, Books-A-Million, Borders -- the proliferation of book superstores is at an all-time high. Are there enough book lovers to keep them in business? [6]
Tracy Jones

Alternatives to Best Sellers
A listing of some prime non-beach reading. [7]
Blake de Pastino

Unmeaningful History
Cadillac Desert it ain't -- Alex Shoumatoff's overview of the American Southwest leaves much to be desired. [8]
Gregory McNamee

The Feynman Follies
Nobel Prize-winning physicist Richard Feynman enjoyed playing the wild-haired scientist, but a new biography captures his serious scholarly achievements as well. [9]
Dave McElfresh

Writing For The Outsiders
From chilling secrets to whimsical fables, Ana Castillo's short stories shake up every community she's sought to describe. [10]
Heather McMichael

Speed Reader Deluxe
A super-size Lit Issue Speeder with a dozen local and national authors. [11]
Alibi Staff

Now What?
Love to read? Need some clever ideas? Our library of resources and staff picks are guaranteed to turn on plenty of mental light bulbs via your electrified eye sockets. [12]

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'm feeling rather haiku today, so instead of writing descriptions of the articles in this week's Books section, each of them will be summed up with a poem. Please forgive me if the format's not quite right.

Autumn book issue,
Albuquerque Alibi
contributors talk.

She cut her hair off,
at recess we shared a kiss
our little secret.

Poetry contest
people write in haiku verse,
a lot of winners.

Faulkner's a hundred
years old this year, yes he is
except he is dead.

Barnes & Noble battles
with the evil Borders chain,
too many bookstores?

Try serious reads
like To Kill A Mockingbird,
or like Nabokov.

Alex Shoumatoff's
sweeping hydrohistory
of Southwest deserts.

Surely He's Joking!
No, Richard Feynman isn't,
not in this new book.

Ana Castillo
covers the boundaries of
overlapping worlds.

Book reviews galore
they await you anxiously,
within "Speed Reader."

Talk Back
Those who write haiku
on Talk Back often receive
seven days' good luck.

From The Vaults

Speed Reader
Junior College, Going Postal, Religion in Modern New Mexico, and The Diving Bell and the Butterfly. [06-06-97]
Blake de Pastino, Jessica English, Julie Birnbaum and Angie Drobnic

Media Mix
Picking up the pieces of the Balkans. [08-11-97]

Media Mix
A look into the Blind Spot--plus, Bero Gallery hosts a poetry fest! [07-28-97]

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