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By Devin D. O'Leary

OCTOBER 4, 1999: 

Dateline: London -- Want to know where in the world to score? A top British condom manufacturer has released the results of their latest global sex survey. SSL International polled 16- to 21-year-olds in 15 countries to find out their sexual habits. According to the annual survey, British youth are the most sexually active with an average of 133 sexual encounters per year. Singapore limps in at the bottom of the list with a mere 63 sexual encounters a year. Americans came in second at 128 times a year, but finished tops for starting sex at the lowest age and having the highest number of sexual partners -- an average of 7.5 per year. Thais were the most likely to cheat on their sexual partner, while Mexicans were the most faithful. The French were the most generous lovers with only 14 percent of males rating self-satisfaction as more important. Singapore youth were the most selfish with 44 percent putting personal pleasure first -- which may explain why they don't get laid very often.

Dateline: Romania -- Outraged over having to study mathematics, hundreds of Romanian schoolchildren walked out of classes last Wednesday and took to the streets of Bucharest in protest. "We want justice, not math exams" read one banner carried by pupils to government headquarters. The protesters were students in their final year of specialized high school science studies, which concentrates on chemistry, physics and biology. The students felt that having to study mathematics would tax their already heavy workload. A new education law passed in the post-Communist country requires the country's specialized schools to adopt "Western standards." As a result, science students must pass a mathematics exam in order to receive their "baccalaureate" for further studies.

Dateline: New Jersey -- John Holl, chief of New Jersey's Division of Alcohol Beverage Control, resigned last week after he was pulled over for drunk driving. During Holl's six-year tenure, New Jersey cracked down on illegal liquor industry kickbacks, organized a summit on responsible college drinking and beefed up police patrols near liquor stores to stop underage drinking. Holl was arrested while intoxicated late last Sunday near his home in Maplewood, N.J.

Dateline: New York -- Arthur Shawcross, a serial killer who strangled at least 11 prostitutes and cannibalized some of them in the 1980s, was ordered by New York prison authorities to serve two years solitary confinement for selling his autographs and artworks on the Internet. Shawcross also lost privileges to receive packages, buy items at the prison store and make phone calls and has been barred from arts and crafts programs. An investigation had determined that Shawcross was mailing artwork and autographs from his cell to people on the outside who would then sell the items on an eBay.com auction. Officials at the maximum security Sullivan Correctional Facility admit that Shawcross did not violate New York's "Son of Sam" law, which prevents inmates from receiving money in exchange for goods or services. Shawcross was instead paid with favors and gifts, such as shoes. Nonetheless, officials felt that the killer's enterprising actions violated prison policy.

Dateline: Ohio -- A hungry burglar kept his eye on the prize last week in suburban Ohio. The thief broke into Stevenson's Bar early Sunday and escaped with an armload of meats and cheeses -- bypassing the store's cash register, cigarette rack and liquor supply. According to police, the burglar broke out a window, crawled into the tavern, ignored a tip jar with $50 in it sitting directly on the bar and made off with 5 pounds of American cheese, 5 pounds of bacon and a pound each of turkey, salami and ham. "The police said there really wasn't much they could do," bar owner Bruce Cerne told reporters. "They're not going to find everything that was taken because whoever took it probably ate it." The thief also swiped the bar's mustard and salt and pepper shakers.

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