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Volume III, Issue 15
October 4 - October 11, 1999  

T he Grove at Ole Miss is like the center of a tailgating solar system -- or maybe a medieval town where the elite is centrally gathered in tight security and the poor are scattered hither and yon.

Southern legend has it that motor racing, as a sport, evolved from backwoods moonshining, as country boys loaded up jugs of whiskey in souped-up cars and toted their contraband to bigger cities, often at break-neck speeds.

Getting on with the opinion-makers' official business of listing some of this century's sporting superlatives.

Now What? [5]
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Grove-in' [2]
An almost too-big party, way down south in the town of Oxford.
— Paul Gerald, MEMPHIS FLYER
Weekend Warriors [3]
Talking in the pits with the people who make up NASCAR's "farm league"--the round-track and drag racing enthusiasts.
— Mike Gibson, METRO PULSE
100 Years of Qualitude [4]
More of 100 years of sports superlatives.

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