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Volume I, Issue 18
October 6 - October 13, 1997

There have been times when I've felt neglected over here in Arts. I've felt that nobody likes me. Not very many people show an interest in my articles about paintings and theatre. The occasional offbeat stories in my section do little to remedy their avoidance.

But this week, all I can say is whooooo-wee! The Arts section is packed to the gills with an incredible variety of subject matter. Don't you dare click away from here. Look around! There's literally something for every last stinking one of you.

Let's start with the hot stuff. I mean really hot. I mean capsaicin hot. That's right, I'm talking about green chiles, those deceptively innocuous-looking plants laced with yellow veins of excruciatingly hot chemicals. The vegetables are so potent that an entire cuisine, nay, an entire culture has cropped up around them in New Mexico. This week the Albuquerque Alibi celebrates their power with a series of articles that:

  • explore the small-town fields from whence green chiles originate

  • provide Web links to green chile sites

  • describe the experience of growing up in a green chile household

  • list some nifty green chile recipes

  • profile a local chile roaster, who actually peels the things

  • explain the versatile medicinal properties of capsaicin, chile's active chemical

    Maybe you don't care for green chiles. Fine. Do you like comedy? If so, these summer reports from several of Texas' most promising comics provide an inside look at the biz and a peek at some potential future stars.

    So comedy depresses you, huh? Then read up on this story about Dilbert card games and Quake-like video games. Or enjoy this comparison between the perfection of Martha Stewart and the imperfect yet charming chaos management of Julia Child.

    Want to read about theatre? These reviews of Sweeney Todd (the musical version), Freak Engine (an improv show), The Compleat Works of Wllm Shkspr (Abridged), and A Streetcar Named Desire (playing in New Orleans!) make me yearn for local theatre. And where visual art is concerned, check out these exhibits of work by Georgia O'Keefe and some Dutch Baroque artists.

    Still unsatisfied? A story on sailing carries a bite; a piece about toilet selection had me on the edge of my seat; and this guide to on-line auto shopping is certainly worth a spin. If none of the above interests you, I'm sorry but you're hopeless. Get yer bum over to Talk Back -- you've got a lot of explaining to do.

  • News In The Art World
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    Hot Pusuits
    Alibi takes a tour of the Southwest's chile capital. [2]
    Michael Henningsen and Blake de Pastino

    Online Spice
    Your online guide to the spicy stuff. [3]
    Noah Masterson

    A Toast to the Green Chile Roast
    How does one roast a chile? Find out. [4]
    Steven J. Westman

    Chile 101
    Sauce it up with some great chile recipes. [5]
    Sammy Serena

    Panderia Rex
    Local chef cooks up some culinary delights with, what else, CHILE! [6]
    Amy L. Currens

    Hot Medicine
    This stuff really is good for what ails ya. [7]
    Mike Ratchett

    Summer of Laugh
    1997 has been a banner year for Austin comics. [8]
    Adrienne Martini

    sidebar: Laura House
    sidebar: Laura House. [9]

    Drenched Rats
    Row, row, row your boat-or you'll soon be chopped in two by the bloody ferry, mate. [10]
    Kevin Franklin

    Games: Reviews of Dilbert Corporate Shuffle, Lunch Money, and Disruptor. [11]

    Hearth & Soul
    Martha Stewart vs. Julia Child. [12]
    Suzy Banks

    Revenge, Razors and Rolling Pins
    Sweeney Todd is a sharp masterpiece, but PTC's production has dulled edges. [13]
    Scott C. Morgan

    The Freaks Come Out at (Mid)Night
    Freak Engine offers late-night theatre with a twist. [14]
    Mary Helen Randall

    Shakespeare Shortened
    Theatre Memphis' Little Theatre presents "The Compleat Works of Wllm Shkspr (Abridged)." [15]
    Amy Lawrence

    Streetcar Revisited
    A Streetcar Named Desire [16]
    Dalt Wonk

    Georgia on My Mind
    "Georgia O'Keefe: From 291 to New Mexico" at the Albuquerque Museum. [17]
    Jeffrey Lee

    Going for Baroque
    Coverage of New Orleans' local art scene. [18]
    D. Eric Bookhardt

    Toilet Tips & Tech"
    Walter Jowers, Ty-D-Bol Man. [19]
    Walter Jowers

    Car Hunting on the Information Superhighway
    Your weekly guide to the Web site wonderland. [20]
    Devin D. O'Leary

    Now What?
    A gallery of captivating links to keep your imagination churning while the paint dries. [21]

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