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Bobbing for dollars

By Dave Chamberlain

OCTOBER 12, 1998:  Chris Kattan's in town promoting "A Night at the Roxbury"--the movie about those "Saturday Night Live" club dorks--and one pressing question comes to mind: Doesn't that insistent head-bobbing hurt your neck? "Hmmm, not the entire time, but my back got kind of messed up," says Kattan, best known for his "SNL" characters Mango the stripper and "Goth Talk" host Azrael Abyss. Then the man who does a dead-on Kerri Strug impression grows hyper: "I remember taking a lot of Up Your Gas, [an herbal supplement] that keeps you up, because we had late hours. Someone said that it'll give you a heart attack, and I said 'Really, I've been taking it every night.' But, ummm, no, my neck never really hurt. Also, I found a way to do it through my hips."

Kattan and Will Ferrell's head-bobbing, cocaine-nose-scratching, club-hitting idiots rarely say a word on "SNL." So Hollywood logic dictates the one-note sketch should be stretched into a feature film. Kattan squirms on the Ritz-Carlton couch at the absurdity of it all, but then makes an inspired suggestion. "The Roxbury guys would make a great cartoon. Can't you see kids doing this?" he asks, touching the end of his nose. "'Mom, I want to do blow. Mom, what's blow?'"

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