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OCTOBER 12, 1998: 

Easygoing gas station attendant Clay (Joaquin Phoenix) has a problem—he keeps stumbling over dead bodies. And his wife keeps sleeping around. And his best friend Lester (Vince Vaughn) is a bit of a weenie. And FBI agent Shelby (Janeane Garofalo) is convinced Clay is somehow culpable in all of this mess. And you think you're having a bad week.
Prediction: Dark serial-killer-esque comedies are hard, really hard. The Coen brothers are the leaders in this genre. Can first-time filmmaker David Dobkin and first-time screenwriter Matt Healy rise to the challenge?
Probable Entertainment Value: B

Eddie Murphy is "G," a guru who reaches his students through a home shopping network run by Jeff Goldblum's Ricky Hayman. Think Deepak Chopra shilling Joan Rivers' costume jewelry, but without the spiritual resonance.
Prediction: Just the other day I was ranting to fellow Metro Pulsians that the world needed more heartwarming movies that starred Jeff Goldblum. Then the drugs wore off.
Probable Entertainment Value: C

Steve Prefontaine was an athlete who helped redefine his sport, like Michael Jordan did for basketball and Mark McGwire has for baseball. Pre was a first-class long-distance runner whose charisma and energy finally got the world to notice how cool track could be. Unfortunately, Pre died young and tragically. This is his story.
Prediction: Director/Co-writer Robert Towne has already proven he knows how to write a stellar film; he wrote the award-winning Chinatown and the much ballyhooed Shampoo. But as a director his track record is a little sketchy, churning out such wonders as Personal Best and (the horror!) Tequila Sunrise. But how badly can he screw up such an engaging story as Prefontaine's?
Probable Entertainment Value: B

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