Big Gulp
Innovative culture jammers or bratty legal masochists? Whatever the case, Negativland's latest album, which wreaks havoc with Pepsi commercials, is one of their finest moments -- and very likely to get them sued.

The Smoldering Fire
Surgeon General's Warning: Participating in a war against tobacco use may lead to hysteria, feelings of futility, and a profound sense of déjà vu.

The Zine Scene
Raw, voyeuristic, and brutally honest, 'zines boldy go where no publications have gone before...but other than spending every waking moment in coffeehouses and underground record stores, how do you find the good ones?

The Pen-Ultimate Fest
Screenwriters -- who rarely receive credit for good movies, but often get blamed for bad ones -- speak out at a recent conference in Austin.

Keeping the Faith
Terry Waite, who endured over four years as a hostage in Lebanon, knows a thing or two about solitude.