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W e all know that the Internet is the breeding ground for the new generation of revolutionaries looking to flip the establishment on its head. Austin Chronicle's Jay Hardwig decided to find out what the establishment--The Man--is doing on the 'Net. Can we sign up for those kick-ass spy classes and apply for U.S. weapons grants for our plot to overthrow Castro? Find out in "Searching for the Man." If that weren't enough, there's also plenty to indoctrinate kids on The Man's philosophies in "The Man for Munchkins."

Just one more example of the establishment's inherent corruptness is the corporation. Developed at a time when treehuggers had no popular following and open land could be found everywhere, the concept of the government-validated corporation has failed to mature with shifts in society. Jonathan Rowe from Nashville Scene scales the walls to give us a peek in "Bad Company."

Following the theme of government screwing the little guy (and gal), we take a look at The Patient's Bill of Rights and Air Force One's dominance of U.S. airspace. Between Clinton's sexual dysfunction, election year gimics, and Republican contempt for logic, Washington is turning its collective back to the problems of rising healthcare costs and the lowering of the standard of care. Then to top it off, when Air Force One takes its frequent trips around the country, it bumps intervening traffic from prescribed flight paths, even if they are carrying cardiac patients. Good thing everyone in D.C. is worrying about our health.

Also in news, earning the nickname "Fart Boy," shopping the 'Net, and comparing Texas and Tennessee.

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Volume II, Issue 17
October 19 - October 26, 1998  
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Searching for The Man [2]
As far as the Web goes, instead of keeping us down, The Man is letting us down.
The Man for Munchkins [3]
Capitalist propaganda for the young and young at heart.
Bad Company [4]
The purpose of business to simply grow may be outdated and...dangerous?
— Jonathan Rowe, NASHVILLE SCENE
Pronounced Dead [5]
The U.S. Senate has delivered a death blow to the proposed "Patient's Bill of Rights."
Presidential Priority? [6]
Air Force One pulls rank over a LifeFlight helicopter and the heart patient inside.
— Phil Williams, NASHVILLE SCENE
States of Distinction [7]
T for Texas, T for Tennessee ... the states' similarities go beyond a country song or two.

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Guy Heroes [8]
Margaret Renkl discovers the origins of a young boy's disgusting new nickname.
— Margaret Renkl, NASHVILLE SCENE
Virtual Shopping [9]
James Hanback peruses the stacks at the 'Net's online bookstores.
— James Hanback Jr., NASHVILLE SCENE

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