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By Sue Schuurman

NOVEMBER 2, 1998: 

70 Years Ago This Week

From licentious handholding to a decidedly titillating holiday cartoon to a "mad scientist alert," the Albuquerque Journal from the final week of October 1928, certainly resembled lively, tabloid journalism compared to today's sleeping pill in print.

"Museum Agent Holds Hands in Theater, Jailed. The Damsel Whose Palm He Squeezed Was a Policewoman, Placed There to Prevent Such Stuff.

"DENVER--Le Roy F. Hafen, curator of the state historical society, was arrested Wednesday afternoon in a local theater and accused of holding hands with a policewoman. ...

"In her complaint Policewoman Edith Barker stated that she was sitting next to Hafen in the theater when, 'without saying a word,' he reached down and took hold of her hand. 'I withdrew my hand slowly. He took hold of it again. Then I jerked it away from him,' she said. 'Finally he took hold of my arm and squeezed it and I pulled away from him.'

"The manager of the theater said he had requested Mrs. Barker's presence as the result of complaints from women. Mr. Hafen is 35 years old and married. Mrs. Hafen is prominent in women's club activities."

"Mars Remains Silent, After Radio Message. Dr. Mansfield Robinson of London Insists He Knows People Up There Who Want to Talk to Him.

"LONDON--Small ears and long antennae in England strained in vain Wednesday to catch a return message from the big eared folk of Mars, to whom a wireless message was dispatched early Wednesday morning.

"Dr. Mansfield Robinson, author of the message, who professes acquaintance with the Martians through telepathic means, clings stoutly to his faith in the possibility of interplanetary conversations. He admits that no response was received, but insists that his friends up yonder are anxious to exchange good wishes with him. ..."

"In the meantime Mrs. Robinson, wife of the doctor, remained an exasperated woman, shooing away reporters. ... She declared boldly that the experiment was nonsensical."

--compiled by Susan Schuurman

Source: Albuquerque Journal;

Oct. 25 & 31, 1928

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