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NOVEMBER 2, 1998: 

After her father dies, Rosina (Minnie Driver), a 19th century single Sephardic Jew, has three choices: marriage, prostitution, and domestic service. She chooses the last option, although it is virtually indistinguishable from the first two.
Prediction: This is allegedly Driver's finest performance to date and she plays Rosina with panache and grace. Personally, I'd go just to check out hot up-and-comer Jonathan Rhys Meyers, before he goes supernova in the forthcoming Velvet Goldmine.
Probable Entertainment Value: B

Vampires are taking over New Mexico (I say let 'em have it) and the Vatican hires James Woods to stop them. Sheryl Lee plays their prostitute guide—a modern-day Pocahontas, if you will—in this John Carpenter-directed sex-drenched splatter-fest.
Prediction: Well, it probably won't suck (if you'll excuse the expression).
Probable Entertainment Value: C

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