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Volume I, Issue 22
November 3 - November 10, 1997


Artist Profiles
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That High Lonesome Sound
The best-selling bluegrass band of all time reunites to remember some old friends. [2]
Mark Jordan

Sister Machine Gun, veterans of Chicago's industrial scene, keep plugging away. [3]
Dave Chamberlain

Hope, Love & PCP
PCP Berzerker are Salt Lake City's finest - and only - full-frontal glam rock experience. [4]
Bill Frost

Going Up
There's a big misconception about Boston's The Elevator Drops: everyone seems to think it's their goal to be lunatics and to freak people out. That's only partly true. [5]
Matt Ashare

A Living Thing
Finally, here comes that Jason & the Scorchers live album, only about 15 years overdue. [6]
Michael McCall

Soul Searching
Paul Cebar's music reflects years of 'study.' [7]
Rich Collins

Swede Dreams
It would have been hard to predict the impact that Swedish artists like the Cardigans and Robyn have had in the US in 1997. [8]
Michael Freedberg

Quiet Riots
Dyke rock may not be a contender for Next Big Thing status, but this new wave from the still-fertile Northwest a pleasure to discover. [9]
Joan Anderman

Album Reviews
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Folk Hero
Bono joins Steve Earle, Bob Dylan, Jerry Garcia, Van Morrison, John Mellencamp, and others on a new tribute to Jimmie Rodgers. [14]
Franklin Soults

Tiny Tunes
Slap on the headphones for "The Fiddlers of Eastern Prince Edward Island" and "The Fiddlers of Western Prince Edward Island." [15]
Michael Henningsen

Boston Phoenix CD Reviews
Everybody Wants Some, We Are Not Devo, The Songs of Operation Ivy, A Reggae Tribute to the Police, Soul for Sale, Mississippi Moan, Creation, Lisbon, classic John Coletrane. [16]

Turn Up That Noise!
An eclectic survey of recent recordings. [17]
Stephen Grimstead

H ey everybody, it's fogey week! We got geezers from every imaginable genre: rock geezers, funk geezers, even industrial geezers. What's amazing about these curmudgeons is that some of them are still fresh and relevant after decades, and some of them crusted up into the "been there, done that" file after only a few years. I don't mean to be mean, and I certainly don't deny that comebacks may be around the corner for any of them. Like the Rolling Stones. They're proof positive that even the dustiest droogs can go over the edge and land safely on the ledge beyond the edge. Which is why this writer and this raving fan have so many ebullient adjectives to share.

But the geezermania doesn't stop there. Read what one listener has to say about High Lonesome Sound, who used to be named, ominously enough, Old And In The Way. They're not in the way as far as fans of bluegrass are concerned, but there's no denying they're old. Same goes for Yes, Steve Winwood, and Grand Funk Railroad. I mean, Yes have been "in and around the lake" for what, 30 years now? But this concert review shows that Yes and the others are still making a positive impression, if you'll excuse the pun. And then there's Prince...um, I mean The Artist Formerly Known As Prince....no wait, now it's just The Artist. This concertgoer reports that as far as ego is concerned, The Artist can still whup any of his more youthful contenders -- even with his name tied behind his back.

I was a little depressed to read this profile of Sister Machine Gun, because they're not really geezers at all. It's just that the shifting tides of trendiness left them washed up on the fogey shore. But Sister Machine Gun smartly took a hint from The Artist: when in doubt, change a name. So instead of industrial, they've redefined their sound as "aggropop." And that sure sounds brand-new to me. Way to go, Sister!

Live Report
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Ageless Badasses
Those bad-boy Rolling Stones seem to defy age and death, which is probably why those rapidly aging baby boomers like 'em. [10]
Dave McElfresh

The Old Devils
The Rolling Stones are all right now--in fact, they're a gas. [11]
Michael McCall

Royal Treatment
The Artist Known As............. [12]
Todd McKay

There's a thin line between classic rock and oldies; and the three acts who hit Boston's Orpheum recently all tried to land on the right side. [13]
Brett Milano

Now What?
If you go gaga over the sultry smoothness of a symphonic glissando, just wait till you experience our transitions to cool and useful music links on the Web. [18]

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