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Volume III, Issue 21
November 15 - November 22, 1999  

Featured Articles
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The Next Wave [2]
A comprehensive look at the emerging Rock en Español movement in the United States.
— Melissa Sattley, AUSTIN CHRONICLE
Everywhere Is War [3]
A beginner's discography to Rock en Español.
— Raoul Hernandez, AUSTIN CHRONICLE
Getting It Over With [4]
Might as well start listing the best music of the century--or at least the last few decades.
— Dave Chamberlain, NEWCITY CHICAGO

Artist Profiles
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Happy Marriages [5]
John Prine teams up with a host of female country singers for a strong new collection of duets.
— Bill Friskics-Warren, NASHVILLE SCENE
Trail Happy [6]
Singer/songwriter Dave Alvin is just now winding down a tour that began early in 1998.
— Gregory McNamee, TUCSON WEEKLY
Pollard Exploration [7]
Pollard emanates a vibe that suggests if it doesn't happen with this album and tour, then it just wasn't meant to be.
— Stephen Seigel, TUCSON WEEKLY
Irish Spring [8]
Two young, flashy, and talented Celtic musicians take Irish music into the modern era.
Now What? [11]
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B ands from all over Latin America's wide expanse are creating new hybrids of music by marrying their traditional rhythms to rock rebellion and the rolled eyes of American pop culture. And whether you agree that Santana's classic "Oye Como Va" is the genesis of Rock en Español, there's plenty of history to the "movimiento."

John Prine's quirky odes to furtive tokers and fractured vets may have earned him the protest singer tag when he emerged in the early '70s, but throughout his career, he has focused on the relationships at the heart of a song.

Natalie MacMaster and Eileen Ivers are highly skillful, accomplished instrumentalists and extravagantly entertaining performers who give their music a commanding flair that draws in listeners visually as well as aurally.

Plus, an early entry for lists of the best music of the century, Dave Alvin on and off the road, and more.

Mini Reviews
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Tiny Tunes [9]

  • Marine Research
  • Michael Goodroe
  • The Stanley Brothers

Turn Up That Noise! [10]
  • The Hosemobile
  • Tom Harrell

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