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NOVEMBER 23, 1998: 

Being a racist, violent skinhead is a full-time job. Edward Norton's Danny works his heinie off to sustain the senseless rage and perpetuate it in his own family. The fuzz chucks him in jail because he works overtime on a brutal, violent act; and his little brother, played by T2's Edward Furlong, proves how deeply Danny's misplaced hatred can cut.
Prediction: Norton creates an incredible character who simply seethes with pent-up anger. Furlong, Stacy Keach, Elliott Gould, Fairuza Balk, and the long-under-rated Beverly D'Angelo also take Oscar-turns. But X's story could be rather perfunctory and preachy, which, ultimately, loses the human element beneath an obvious moralistic message.
Probable Entertainment Value: B

Everybody wants what Will Smith has got—the ability to turn every script, no matter how inane, into box office gold. Jon Voight and Gene Hackman chase him about the country in order to figure out just how in the heck he does it in this big-budget, high-tech, shoot-'em-up from the Simpson (back from the dead?)/Bruckheimer team.
Prediction: Beverly Hills Cop, Top Gun, Bad Boys, Dangerous Minds, The Rock, Con Air, and Armageddon, all have one thing in common besides Simpson/Bruckheimer: They made buckets of money for the studio. But this one may be the exception since it brings back to the screen one Lisa Bonet.
Probable Entertainment Value: C

Stu and Didi Pickles have a new baby. Big brother Tommy hates him more than a dirty diaper. Tommy and the other animated Rugrats take it upon themselves to return the tyke to the hospital and get themselves a bit lost along the way. Sheesh. Infants have no sense of direction anymore.
Prediction: Who cares about the Pickle family? Mark Mothersbaugh, formerly of Devo, composed the music. I'm so there.
Probable Entertainment Value: B

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