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Why Be Afraid of Marilyn Manson?
He doesn't look like an Antichrist. In fact, he seems to be trying a little too hard to look ominous, like a little boy in a plastic Street Shark costume trying to make the grownups believe he's the real thing.
P.A. Humphrey

Rock Fable
Ever wonder how the custom of yelling "Freebird" at a concert got started? Here's the story of the man behind it all.
Mitch Myers


Volume II, Issue 22
November 23 - November 30, 1998

News & Opinion

Low wages and poor working conditions have created a flashpoint for the battle between low-cost Third World manufacturing and First World consumption demands. Tales of service excellence, tips on how to avoid the dreaded urine-filled air duct during homebuilding, and more in News & Opinion.

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Film & TV

"Celebrity" and "Elizabeth" hit the big screen with sections in this week's Film & TV devoted to them, including interviews with the films' directors, Woody Allen and Shekhar Kapur. Reviews, new video releases, and more in this week's issue.

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Who better to discuss the state of "Women in Rock" than a couple of oversensitive dudes. Trance Syndicate, the brainchild of King Coffey--drummer of the unfortunately named band Butthole Surfers--exits the indie label scene. Profiles, reviews, and more.

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Arts & Leisure

License to Drive
The Information Junkie
Cookbook Creativity
Robert Colescott
and more...

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New York Times best sellers Barbara Kingsolver and Lorrie Moore, the Texas Book Festival, and reviews of "The Word on the Street," by John McWhorter, "Orphan Train" by Alison Moore, "The Road Home" by Jim Harrison, and more in Speed Reader.

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Come down from your Staggering Heights and get to the Red Meat of the matter with this swell set of cartoons that also includes Mueller, Eye of the Beholder, K. Rat and Random Shots.

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