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Gods, Guns and Guts [2]
Animation fans, fantasy lovers and cinephiles shouldn't miss their chance to catch "Princess Mononoke," a landmark of Japanese cinema.
— Devin D. O'Leary, WEEKLY ALIBI
Princess Mononoke [3]
This fabulous work of Japanese animation plays like Akira Kurosawa meeting Walt Disney on the deck of the rainbow Warrior.
'Enough' Is Enough [4]
Some bad guy wants to blow something up, so James Bond has to have sex with an assortment of beautiful white girls.
— James DiGiovanna, TUCSON WEEKLY
The World Is Not Enough [5]
The World Is Not Enough ... but two hours are plenty sufficient.
— Marjorie Baumgarten, AUSTIN CHRONICLE
Toy Story 2 [6]
Woody, Buzz, and the gang are back for more of the same.
Jane for the '90s [7]
Director Patricia Rozema's adaptation of Jane Austen's "Mansfield Park" has its share of crinoline and courtyards but toys with a subtext of patriarchal tyranny.
End of Days [8]
In this apocalyptic film, the world ends not with a bang or a whimper, but a giggle.
American Movie [9]
A biographical documentary about self-taught Wisconsin filmmaker Mark Borchardt, American Movie is a chronicle of inspired self-determinism.
Remembrance of Things Past [10]
Wonderful "After Life" poses a tough question; "Sleepy Hollow" takes liberties with Irving's tale, but makes for decent entertainment.
Hearts in the Highlands [11]
"My Life So Far" has simple pleasures.
— Hadley Hury, MEMPHIS FLYER
Lovers on the Bridge [12]
Recently released on these shores, this 1991 French love story is a decidedly anti-romantic romance.
— Marjorie Baumgarten, AUSTIN CHRONICLE
Road to Nowhere [13]
It's a kinder, gentler David Lynch on display in "The Straight Story."
— Heather Iger, WEEKLY ALIBI

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TV Eye [14]
Now that there's a resurgence in prime-time game shows, how about the return of live TV?
— Belinda Acosta, AUSTIN CHRONICLE
Side Dishes [15]
From Letterman to the Spanish channel, there's enough funky television around to get you through the holidays.
— Robert David Sullivan, THE BOSTON PHOENIX
The Observer [16]
Under the influence of John Cassavetes.
— Chris Herrington, MEMPHIS FLYER
Videos a Go-Go [17]
Ten things to like about "Ten Things I Hate About You."
— Adrienne Martini, METRO PULSE

Volume III, Issue 23
November 29 - December 6, 1999  

T he latest animated masterpiece from Hayao Miyazaki, the Walt Disney of Japan, is "Princess Mononoke," a massive philosophical fable mixing equal parts "Lord of the Rings," "Yojimbo" and "Animal Farm." Calling this a "kid's film" would completely miss the point.

For the 19th time, James Bond beds babes and battles bad guys in "The World is Not Enough," which might be satisfying if you like large-breasted women and deformed super-villains, though it isn't as spunky as some of the series' originals.

"Toy Story 2" is a warm charmer of a kid film, and it's head and shoulders above most of Disney's output of late.

Plus, the latest Jane Austen to make it to the screen, Arnold Schwarzenegger returns to fight the devil, a documentary about a self-taught filmmaker, and more.

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Boston Phoenix Movie Clips [18]

  • Toy Story 2
  • Rosetta
  • The World is Not Enough
  • The Emperor's Shadow
  • Flawless
  • Once Removed

Tucson Weekly Film Clips [19]
  • Sleepy Hollow
  • Toy Story 2

Psychic Movie Predictions [20]
  • End of Days
  • Toy Story 2

Now What? [21]
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