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H ammered by the holidaze? Follow the advice in this week's features and all of your presents will be accounted for. In "Giftology 101," Austin Chronicle's Spike Gillespie makes an eclectic list and checks it twice: crocheted-poodle bottle holder, fish ashtray, ceramic milk pitcher from Barcelona and a chunk of volcano from Mt. Hood, for starters.

Nashville Scene's Walter Jowers commiserates with register-avoiding men in "Shopping Stress," proclaiming he'd "rather have a root canal--or even listen to a whole Garth Brooks record--than do any serious Christmas shopping. "Speaking of painful dentistry, Metro Pulse's Joe Tarr is "Deconstructing the Mall." His ironic discovery: These giant shopping meccas are now trying to replicate the very downtowns they killed. In "Video Box Sets" and "Geek Chic," Austin Chronicle's Jerry Renshaw and John Avignone guide you to the season's best high-tech gewgaws and packaged movie classics. Plus more fabulous gift ideas in Books and Music.

The descendants of Apache warriors do not ride into battle like their ancestors did. But stories of warrior exploits have been handed down from generation to generation. Now they have come to visit the site of Cochise's last battle and soak up the history for themselves, reports Tucson Weekly's Sam Negri in "Chiricahua Memories."

Also this week in News & Opinion: When is a 20 percent national sales tax really a 23 percent hit? Tucson Weekly's Jim Nintzel answers that puzzler in "Tax Cheats." And Weekly Alibi's Dennis Domrzalski explores a New Mexican treasure in "Touring the Baca."

Teeny Tidbits
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Odds & Ends [12]
Timed-release news capsules from the flipside.
— Devin D. O'Leary, WEEKLY ALIBI
Mr. Smarty Pants [13]
Our resident know-it-all unearths the latest trivia.
Japanese Bomb Pearl Harbor [11]
57 Years Ago This Week.
— Sue Schuurman, WEEKLY ALIBI

Now What? [14]
Can't get enough news? You're in luck -- more news is created every day. Our Now What? page offers a plethora of recommended links to help keep you living in the present.

Volume II, Issue 25
December 14 - December 21, 1998  
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Chiricahua Memories [3]
Cochise's warriors visit the great chief's last stand.
Tax Cheats [7]
Didja catch those slick TV and radio ads last month pushing the national sales tax?
— Jim Nintzel, TUCSON WEEKLY
Touring the Baca [8]
News Editor Dennis Domrzalski and Staff Photographer Jennifer Scott take you through the previously untrespassable Baca Ranch.
— Dennis Domrzalski, WEEKLY ALIBI
Touring the Baca: Quick Facts [9]
Through the photographic eye of Jennifer Scott and the narration of Dennis Domrzalski, we share some of what we saw of this beautiful property.
— Dennis Domrzalski, WEEKLY ALIBI

Holiday Shopping
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Giftology 101 [2]
There are Gifts and there are gifts, and it takes the latter to be really good at giving the former.
— Spike Gillespie, AUSTIN CHRONICLE
Shopping Stress [4]
Guys and shopping—they go together like steak and Jell-O.
— Walter Jowers, NASHVILLE SCENE
Geek Chic [5]
Computer gifts and tech toys for your favorite geek.
Video Box Sets [6]
Video box sets come in all genres and make great gifts. Here's a sampling of what's available via online shopping.
Deconstructing the Mall [10]
During the holiday season, they're centers of both horror and delight. But for the rest of the year, we don't even think about them that much, despite their impact on American society.

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