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J udging by their predictions for the Year 2000, the newspaper columnists of 1900 made a lot more sense than the pundits of today. Nearly a hundred years back, those old news hounds saw that "every village in the world will be in instantaneous telephonic communication with every other" and "the wisest sayings of the wisest men of the preceding centuries will be preserved on metal tablets or plates." Metro Pulse's Jack Neely recounts these and other prescient prognostications in "The Way the Future Was." And, in "Countdown," Nashville Scene's James Hanback Jr. offers some Y2K compliance suggestions.

TV Guide offers "The Year in Jeers," Esquire recounts the nation's "Dubious Achievements," but only Weekly Wire presents Nashville Scene's annual "Boner Awards." If you enjoy laughing at the misfortunes and missteps of others--and who among us doesn't?--you'll want to chortle your way through this compendium of human stupidity.

For alternative takes on the world's two biggest current stories--the Iraq crisis and President Clinton's impeachment--look no further than the Wire. "Living Like Refugees," by Memphis Flyer's Jaqueline Marino, tracks an Iraqi family's struggles in America. And in "Psychology 101," Nashville Scene's Margaret Renkl makes an apt comparison between Bill C.'s buck-passing habits and the way her young son tries to shift the blame when he poops his pants.

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Volume II, Issue 26
December 21 - December 28, 1998  
The Way the Future Was [2]
Everyone's gearing up their "vision of the future" rhetoric for the coming millennium. But what were people predicting for our current century in 1899?
— Jack Neely, METRO PULSE
Countdown [3]
James Hanback looks at what Tennessee government is doing about Y2K, and points out that even software as recent as Windows '98 has its Year 2000 bugs.
— James Hanback Jr., NASHVILLE SCENE
The Boner Awards [4]
Nashville records its 1998 dubious achievements and weird news for posterity.
— Illustrations by Marty Granius and Tim Toonen, NASHVILLE SCENE
Living Like Refugees [6]
An Iraqi family struggles to stay safe in a U.S. refugee ghetto.
— Jacqueline Marino, MEMPHIS FLYER
Skating the Law [7]
The battle between skaters and cops isn't exactly breaking news anywhere, but in Knoxville, Tennessee, the problem is compounded by vague enforcement of the applicable laws.
— John Sewell, METRO PULSE
It Works On Paper [8]
Jean Nielsen saw all those used romance novels piling up at Bookman's, and suddenly the idea struck her—why not build a house out of 'em!

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Psychology 101 [5]
Is President Clintons' passing-the-buck a lot like Margaret Renkl's two-year-old child's?
— Margaret Renkl, NASHVILLE SCENE

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