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DECEMBER 28, 1999: 

Abe "The Little Hebrew" Attell (1884-1970) held the World Featherweight Championship title between 1903-1904 and 1906-1912.

A 1970s-80s children's TV series in the UK called Tiswas (allegedly an acronym for Today Is Saturday, Watch And Smile) featured a masked character called the Phantom Flan Flinger who hurled flan at unsuspecting people.

There's a dog in Plano, Texas, who predicts heart attacks in his owner, a gentleman who works for DART.

According to a report by The Physician and Sportsmedicine, cheerleaders lose more time from their activity due to injury -- 28.8 days per injury -- than any other group of athletes at the high school level.

Former President William Howard Taft introduced the seventh inning stretch to baseball during a game in 1910.

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