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Phono Op
Four differing opinions on 1999's best albums. [01-03-00]
— Ron Bally, Dave McElfresh, Fred Mills, Stephen Seigel, TUCSON WEEKLY

Blues Blood
Mose Allison brings his sophisticated brand of blues to the Rialto. [12-07-99]
— Dave McElfresh, TUCSON WEEKLY

Gettin' Jazzed
Maybe you haven't heard about Medeski, Martin and Wood. But you probably will. [04-12-99]
— Dave McElfresh, TUCSON WEEKLY

'Bitches' Brewmeister
From Bob Dylan to Miles Davis, bassist Harvey Brooks sure knows a thing or two about improvising. [03-08-99]
— Dave McElfresh, TUCSON WEEKLY

Blue Notes
Lacking the nookie part in your mix of sex, drugs and rock and roll? [02-15-99]
— Dave McElfresh, TUCSON WEEKLY

Book 'Em, Jim-o
Musical star-wannabe would do well to snag Jimmy Webb's "Tunesmith," a highly readable book that details damn near every aspect of the songwriting craft. [01-19-99]
— Dave McElfresh, TUCSON WEEKLY

The Burt's Back Racket
Oddly enough, Burt Bacharach's career is in full swing again. [12-20-98]
— Dave McElfresh, TUCSON WEEKLY

General Electric
How many folksingers does it take to change a lightbulb? [11-23-98]
— Dave McElfresh, TUCSON WEEKLY

Pride Of New Orleans
Pianist Henry Butler is one blind bluesman with extraordinary vision. [10-19-98]
— Dave McElfresh, TUCSON WEEKLY

All Jazzed Up
There's a good reason super saxophonist Charles McPherson knows all the moves and notes of his hero, Charlie Parker. [10-12-98]
— Dave McElfresh, TUCSON WEEKLY

Life Of Brian
The Beach Boys' Brian Wilson may be mad, but he proves his genius once again. [08-17-98]
— Dave McElfresh, TUCSON WEEKLY

Jazz Standard Deviation
What's the point of being blessed with exceptional talent if it's purposely laid aside? [07-06-98]
— Dave McElfresh, TUCSON WEEKLY

Cuban Missile
More than a hundred albums later, Tito Puente is still going strong. [06-15-98]
— Dave McElfresh, TUCSON WEEKLY

Hardcore R&B
Two Mississippi-based labels, Ace Records and Malaco/Waldoxy, are churning out stuff so solid you'd think that none of those slimeball-slick '90s studio R&B rapists had ever been born. [06-08-98]
— Dave McElfresh, TUCSON WEEKLY

Diva Deluxe
Though jazz vocalist Dee Dee Bridgewater has lived in Paris for more than 12 years, better not call her a jazz expatriate. [04-20-98]
— Dave McElfresh, TUCSON WEEKLY

Making Mingus Music
Who but jazz great Charlie Mingus could have turned a Tijuana bender into one of the greatest albums of all time? [03-30-98]
— Dave McElfresh, TUCSON WEEKLY

Playing Possum
Blues pretenders beware -- Fat Possum Records is the real nitty-gritty. [03-02-98]
— Dave McElfresh, TUCSON WEEKLY

Marriage of Inconvenience
A look at jazz's long and cheesy attempts to cover rock themes. And why there's hope for better music to come. [01-12-98]
— Dave McElfresh, TUCSON WEEKLY

Covering Miles
Aside from Igor Stravinsky, no one other than Miles Davis has been so hated for creating music that later proved to be so visionary. [12-01-97]
— Dave McElfresh, TUCSON WEEKLY

Ageless Badasses
Those bad-boy Rolling Stones seem to defy age and death, which is probably why those rapidly aging baby boomers like 'em. [11-03-97]
— Dave McElfresh, TUCSON WEEKLY

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From this archive page, you can build your own custom Dave McElfresh publication by checking the articles listed above that you wish to read and then pressing "give me my paper!" below. (For more details on building your custom publication, please click here.)

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