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Silver Prints
The Center For Creative Photography celebrates its first quarter-century. [09-11-00]
— Margaret Regan, TUCSON WEEKLY

The Death of Silverio Huinil Vail
A Guatemalan's demise in the desert raises questions about U.S. border policy. [08-07-00]
— Margaret Regan, TUCSON WEEKLY

Up From Desperation
Margaret Regan recounts 150 years of her family's history-from Ireland to Philadelphia. [03-20-00]
— Margaret Regan, TUCSON WEEKLY

Master Builder
Architect Judith Chafee melded sleek modern design with the Sonoran desert. [02-07-00]
— Margaret Regan, TUCSON WEEKLY

Remembering Rockfellow
"Pioneer co-ed" Annie Graham Rockfellow designed many of Tucson's important public buildings. [01-31-00]
— Margaret Regan, TUCSON WEEKLY

Tough Luck Of The Irish
The best of Frank McCourt's writing mingles with stark visuals in Alan Parker's adaptation of "Angela's Ashes." [01-24-00]
— Margaret Regan, TUCSON WEEKLY

How German Is It?
Six German artists explore their national identity. [07-19-99]
— Margaret Regan, TUCSON WEEKLY

Tohono Titan
The MacArthur Foundation praises Ofelia Zepeda for her unusual cluster of activities on behalf of native languages. [07-05-99]
— Margaret Regan, TUCSON WEEKLY

Back In Black
What is art? At Elizabeth Cherry Contemporary Art gallery, the more apt question is, where's the art? [05-03-99]
— Margaret Regan, TUCSON WEEKLY

Entrancing Dance
A brand-new evening length piece by modern dance choreographer Margaret Jenkins, "Breathe Normally" interprets actress Olympia Dukakis' family memories through video, spoken word, dance movement and music. [04-12-99]
— Margaret Regan, TUCSON WEEKLY

Lucky Stars
With husband-and-wife leads Qisheng Zhang and Yen-Li Chen-Zhang, the romance in Ballet Arizona's production of Romeo and Juliet is no act. [03-29-99]
— Margaret Regan, TUCSON WEEKLY

Back With Bohéme
Arizona Opera is mounting the beloved Puccini opera "La Bohéme. [03-15-99]
— Margaret Regan, TUCSON WEEKLY

Threads Of Abstraction
In the hands of Claire Campbell Parks, the humble components of cloth-linen wisps, cotton floss and metallic threads undergo a transformation into art. [03-08-99]
— Margaret Regan, TUCSON WEEKLY

Developing Resistance
A new show at Etherton Gallery documents struggles for freedom, both at home and abroad. [03-01-99]
— Margaret Regan, TUCSON WEEKLY

Rare Specimen
With the sudden death of Peter Bermingham, the University of Arizona Museum of Art loses a director par excellence. [02-15-99]
— Margaret Regan, TUCSON WEEKLY

Family Album
What happens when a whiter-than-white baby gets adopted into a family of double-strength American ethnics? [02-15-99]
— Margaret Regan, TUCSON WEEKLY

Smooth Moves
Alicia Alonso may well be the last living representative of classical Russian ballet in the New World. [02-01-99]
— Margaret Regan, TUCSON WEEKLY

Daughter Of The Revolution
The Tucson Musuem of Art displays the ground-breaking work of feminist artist Miriam Schapiro. [01-25-99]
— Margaret Regan, TUCSON WEEKLY

Operatic High Note
Verdi's "Aida" showcases the dancers of Ballet Arizona, along with the musicians of the Phoenix Symphony. [01-19-99]
— Margaret Regan, TUCSON WEEKLY

Basics And Beyond
Gary Swimmer can make a realistic painting when he wants to. [01-19-99]
— Margaret Regan, TUCSON WEEKLY

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From this archive page, you can build your own custom Margaret Regan publication by checking the articles listed above that you wish to read and then pressing "give me my paper!" below. (For more details on building your custom publication, please click here.)

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