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Class Conflicts
Henry James's novel "Washington Square" translates well into a serious theatrical production. [01-26-98]
— Margaret Regan, TUCSON WEEKLY

Rock On!
Follow the rocks in the new Mini Blockbuster show at Davis Dominguez Gallery. If you read them right, they tell the story of a longtime relationship among three pioneering artists. [01-20-98]
— Margaret Regan, TUCSON WEEKLY

Southern Exposures
Timeless visions of Mexico and time-stopping views of tiny creatures are now showing at Etherton Gallery. [01-12-98]
— Margaret Regan, TUCSON WEEKLY

Merry Trio
Two of our wordiest -- and sometimes wittiest -- playwrights are showcased in the new evening of three one-acts put on by the fledgling Quicksilver Productions. [12-29-97]
— Margaret Regan, TUCSON WEEKLY

Expanded World View
The work of photojournalist Charles Harbutt covers everything from the early days of Castro's revolution, to the Six Day War in the Middle East, to the boomer love-in at Woodstock. [12-29-97]
— Margaret Regan, TUCSON WEEKLY

Winter Wrangle
With its bickering husband and wife, what could be more appropriate for the holiday season than "Lion In Winter"? [12-22-97]
— Margaret Regan, TUCSON WEEKLY

Virgin Territory
Who's the most significant figure in Southwestern folklore? A fascinating Tucson tour demonstrates the answer. [12-22-97]
— Margaret Regan, TUCSON WEEKLY

Give Us Moe!
The vibes are great in this musical tribute to Louis Jordan. [12-15-97]
— Margaret Regan, TUCSON WEEKLY

Bronze Mettle
Auguste Rodin -- what was all the fuss about a century ago? A new show at the University of Arizona Museum of Art provides some insight. [12-08-97]
— Margaret Regan, TUCSON WEEKLY

Mixed-Media Memories
Emmi Whitehorse was reared in the traditional Navajo fashion until she went off to school, where she eventually learned about Western European art traditions. [12-01-97]
— Margaret Regan, TUCSON WEEKLY

It Had To Be Yooooou...
Invisible Theatre presents the unfunny comedy "It Had To Be You." [11-24-97]
— Margaret Regan, TUCSON WEEKLY

Ravaged Landscape
Arizona Repertory Theatre tackles Robert Schenkkan's "The Kentucky Cycle", a sprawling saga of 200 years of hard-scrabble existence. [11-10-97]
— Margaret Regan, TUCSON WEEKLY

Gloomily Luminous
Tucson Weekly cartoonist Joe Forkan exhibits some entrancing oils with an Old World patina. [11-10-97]
— Margaret Regan, TUCSON WEEKLY

Heart-Veld Tale
How can you keep the young uns down on the farm -- South African style. [11-03-97]
— Margaret Regan, TUCSON WEEKLY

Eternal Tourist
The inscrutable East meets the picture-perfect West in the weirdly amusing photos of the late Tseng Kwong Chi, now at the Center for Creative Photography. [10-27-97]
— Margaret Regan, TUCSON WEEKLY

House Of Glass
Composer Philip Glass goes to Jean Cocteau's creative well for the third time for the avant garde dance/opera Les Enfants Terribles. [10-20-97]
— Margaret Regan, TUCSON WEEKLY

Sumptuous Sights
Gail Marcus-Orlen is among three artists whose new works are featured at Etherton Gallery. [10-13-97]
— Margaret Regan, TUCSON WEEKLY

Sex, Mutilation And Stuff
A look at three painters and their wildly different styles and subject matter. [09-29-97]
— Margaret Regan, TUCSON WEEKLY

Delightfully Undead
Blithe Spirit, a cheerfully foolish business involving a stuffed shirt and his two wives, one of whom is dead, has held up well in the five decades since the London blitz. [09-29-97]
— Margaret Regan, TUCSON WEEKLY

Word Wrangler
William Pitt Root, Tucson's first poet laureate, provides a bridge between the worlds of literature and blue-collar toil. [09-22-97]
— Margaret Regan, TUCSON WEEKLY

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From this archive page, you can build your own custom Margaret Regan publication by checking the articles listed above that you wish to read and then pressing "give me my paper!" below. (For more details on building your custom publication, please click here.)

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