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Fertile Ground
When you buy your produce at the supermarket, you could be picking up pesticides or even animal genes along with your veggies? In East Tennessee, a growing number of consumers are turning to organic products. [06-26-00]
— Jesse Fox Mayshark, METRO PULSE

Train in Vain
While momentum builds for reconnecting East Tennessee to a modern rail service, the goal remains distant. [06-19-00]

Tourist Traps Ahoy!
Setting out to find the finest tourist traps East Tennessee has to offer, ones of uncommon weirdness that will delight you and your fellow road-trippers. [06-12-00]

Black Gold Rush
These days, Knoxville isn't exactly synonymous with coal mining--but for much of the 19th and 20th centuries, that industry was a mover and shaper of the city and the region. [05-29-00]
— Jesse Fox Mayshark, METRO PULSE

The World Was Watching
Thirty years ago this month, the most fractious student protests in the University of Tennessee's history erupted when Richard Nixon came to campus during the height of anti-war sentiment. [05-22-00]
— Jack Neely, METRO PULSE

The K2Kronicles
An Internet forum has regular citizens tangling with their elected officials on a daily basis -- and maybe changing the way government works. [05-08-00]
— Jesse Fox Mayshark, METRO PULSE

Golden Flowers
A hobby blooms into a nationally-known business in the Tennessee hills. [04-03-00]
— Adrienne Martini, METRO PULSE

Growing Pains
There's a lot of talk about the evils of suburban sprawl, with cities like Atlanta and Nashville pointed at as examples. In Knoxville, you don't even have to go that far -- just look out your car window. [03-06-00]
— Jack Neely, METRO PULSE

Sad Beauty
Prostitutes get paid to give up a lot—their families, their health, their sense of self. A new coalition between law enforcement and social-service agencies wants to help these women take something back. [02-21-00]
— David Madison, METRO PULSE

Wasting Away
Knox County, Tennessee should have reduced its solid waste output by 25 percent by now. It hasn't. While it's a bit lower than in previous years, it's still nowhere near where it's supposed to be. [02-14-00]

Shark Attack!
These aren't your typical cheerleaders. In the world of competitive cheerleading, there are no teams to rah-rah on to victory, and it can be as grueling as any other team sport. [11-15-99]
— Adrienne Martini, METRO PULSE

Looking Presidential
If you think your only presidential choice from Tennessee is that Gore fellow, you'd be wrong. Meet three more aspiring candidates from Knoxville. [11-08-99]
— Mike Gibson, METRO PULSE

Home Life
As we enter the next millennium, an old '60s concept is gaining renewed interest: communal living. Only they're not called "communes" any more—it's "intentional communities. [11-01-99]

Weekend Warriors
Talking in the pits with the people who make up NASCAR's "farm league"--the round-track and drag racing enthusiasts. [10-04-99]
— Mike Gibson, METRO PULSE

Hip Hop Knox
Rap music is everywhere today: In suburban homes, shopping malls, TV commercials, clothes, magazines, and hairstyles. Why, then, is Knoxville, Tennessee's own hip hop scene so hard to find? [09-20-99]

Stir Crazy
With the dismantling and reformation of the mental health care system over the past 20 years came a new problem: mentally ill people whose only option is jail. [09-13-99]
— David Madison, METRO PULSE

Grave Decisions
If you're going to die—and let's face it, you are—then you'll have to have a funeral of some sort, with all sorts of costs incurred—costs that critics of the funeral industry say are overinflated. [08-23-99]

Below the Fold
The News-Sentinel is the main source of information for many Knoxvillians, but as part of the E.W. Scripps media empire, its priorities don't always seem to be focused on creating the best editorial product it can. [07-19-99]

Homegrown Porn
Although most Americans might consider Internet pornography to be something that only comes from evil places like Los Angeles, many of these sites are actually cropping up in small cities. [06-21-99]
— Coury Turczyn, METRO PULSE

Life After Littleton
In many cases, the response to the Littleton shootings has been to add security and place new limits on students. Were these the best steps to take? [06-01-99]
— Jesse Fox Mayshark, METRO PULSE

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From this archive page, you can build your own custom Cover Story publication by checking the articles listed above that you wish to read and then pressing "give me my paper!" below. (For more details on building your custom publication, please click here.)

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