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Two-Faced Punk
With the punk-rock-infused Vans Warped Tour making the rounds, traditionalists want to know: Can you still really be an anti-authority punk when you've got corporate sponsorship? [07-24-00]
— John Sewell, METRO PULSE

Audio Online
You can find the Knoxville music scene in local clubs, in the racks, and on the radio--and now it's in cyberspace. [06-26-00]

Haunted Hill
What do you get when you mix area filmmakers, local legends, the Insane Clown Posse, and Blair Witch Project-type marketing? A low-budget horror movie, Knoxville-style. [05-29-00]
— Matthew T. Everett, METRO PULSE

Time Changes
Asking longtime Knoxville rock legend Todd Steed if you can ever be too old to rock 'n' roll. [05-22-00]
— Coury Turczyn, METRO PULSE

Ink Well
After years of hemming and hawing, our esteemed entertainment editor at last decided to permanently mark her skin. That's right, she got a tattoo. [05-08-00]
— Adrienne Martini, METRO PULSE

Drowning in the Shallow End
Whenever we hire a new staff writer, it's our first priority to publicly humiliate that person as soon as possible. That's why we sent Matthew T. Everett to audition for "Baywatch." [04-17-00]
— Matthew T. Everett, METRO PULSE

The Secret of the Jellyfish
As we enter spring, the tourist season revs up once again in the Smoky Mountains. Amid the clogged trails and clogged air, are there any areas left untouched by the ravages of nature-lovers? [04-10-00]
— David Madison, METRO PULSE

Sunsphere City Solo
Acclaimed sci-fi author Kathleen Ann Goonan specializes in tales of sprawling nanotechnology, informed by firsthand sightings of sprawl in Knoxville, Tennessee. [03-20-00]
— Adrienne Martini, METRO PULSE

Gone Indie
What's life like for an indie film director? [03-06-00]
— Coury Turczyn, METRO PULSE

Deep Connections
Singing in a range of blues, gospel, folk, doo wop, and jazz stylings—and talking about what these songs means to them—Sweet Honey in the Rock connects with African American history. [02-21-00]

Razzle Dazzle
Murder! Sex! Dancing! Yes, it all comes together with "Chicago," the rousing story of women who kill their men. [02-14-00]
— Adrienne Martini, METRO PULSE

Deep Pampering
You can undergo years of training to become more centered. You can also pay people to make you feel really good. Adrienne Martini undergoes all sorts of oily, steamy, rubby treatments for the good of us all. [01-31-00]
— Adrienne Martini, METRO PULSE

No-holds-barred fighting is a genuine sport banned from holding official competitions in several states, but this doesn't stop the curious from training and sparring. [12-13-99]
— Mike Gibson, METRO PULSE

Game World
Some call it "NeverRest." And it's no wonder--the online gaming world of EverQuest can become addictive. We profile Margaret, a young woman who's actually changed her real life as a result of playing the game. [11-15-99]
— Jesse Fox Mayshark, METRO PULSE

Man of the Weird
"News of the Weird" will forever be one of newspaperdom's most popular features. But who is this Chuck Shepherd who masterminds the column each week? [11-01-99]
— Coury Turczyn, METRO PULSE

Show People
You've probably been to plenty of concerts, but how much do you know about how concert promoters actually do their jobs? A look at the promotions biz in Knoxville, Tennessee. [09-20-99]

Slipping in the Dark
Can rock stars really get away with being funny? They Might Be Giants think so. [09-13-99]
— John Sewell, METRO PULSE

An Axe to Grind
You can't accuse Ted Nugent of being circumspect. Guns, rock 'n' roll, girls, guns, moose innards, rap-rock, guns, and guns are just a few of the topics Mr. Nugent opines about. [08-23-99]
— John Sewell, METRO PULSE

Grrls Just Wanna Have Fun
What kind of girl power can you expect to find at Lilith Fair? Some think it's all touchy-feely empowerment, while others expect man-hating tirades. The truth is somewhere in between and stamped with corporate logos. [08-16-99]
— Joey Cody, METRO PULSE

Searching for a Psychic Connection
Visiting two of Knoxville's "spiritual advisors." [07-26-99]
— Greg Siedschlag, METRO PULSE

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From this archive page, you can build your own custom Gamut publication by checking the articles listed above that you wish to read and then pressing "give me my paper!" below. (For more details on building your custom publication, please click here.)

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